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Now available in the iOS appstore

Now available in the Google Playstore

CheckMyRide makes your sensor output data available without a GPS bike computer

  • CheckMyRide solves the last-mile gap between expensive bicycle GPS systems and overloaded apps with ads to provide easy access to your data during and after the ride.
  • To be able to ride smarter with more knowledge about your (live) output and thorough analysis for optimal training.
  • A must-have for amateurs, professionals, racers and mountain bikers to obtain Bluetooth sensor data without using an external bike navigation.
No account or advertisements.

Just simple and clear data in your cycling app without getting frustrated about UI, advertisements and online profiles.

The most exceptional user interface

Due to optimal customizability.

sensor dashboard
Available worldwide

Available in iOS app store and Google play store.

Community driven development

With the help of our community we want to get feedback for new features.

No versions

The full feature rich version is available on trial for 30 days

Thereafter, it is available for 4.99/year, more models are available.

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A Little Of Our Story

Our Mission

CheckMyRide is the destination for your trip data. To get everything you want and need from your sensors to analyse and record your ride (live).

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